Blades of Avernum

Download Blades of Avernum

The world of swords and magic beckons you with Blades of Avernum. The world is at war and it is your job to make sure that the good triumphs over the evil forces. One of the two opponents are the forces that control all of the world. The second opponents are the underground rebels that are fighting in caverns. You can pick up your weapons and fight your enemies or you can create your own quest with a powerful editor; the choice is yours!

There are a number of smaller adventures that make up the Blades of Avernum. In A Small Rebellion, you are sent to destroy the group of rebels who are creating problems for the monarchy. You also have a choice to join them. In Za-Khari Run, you shoot down a river, in a race to strengthen a besieged fort. However, it is not as easy as it seems, as you will have a lot of terrifying creatures who will want to stop you from getting to the fort, and you must defeat them first. In Valley of the Dying Things, there is a deadly plague that is burst out, and you must dig deep into an ancient school of magic to find its solution.

Once you are through with these quests, you can simply download more such adventures online, and that means that you never have to quit having the adventure of your lifetime! You can also use the editor of Blades of Avernum and create your own challenges with a variety of deadly and terrifying creatures. There are a lot of creatures out there to get you. There are the monsters that will work in a gang and send out an army to hunt you down and kill you. There will also be baddies that will ask for aid in order to give a ruse and kill you.