Download BattlePets

If you adore pets and also want to indulge in a fun and entertaining battle with them, then BattlePets is the game for you. The game allows you to train your pets and then get them to battle with other pets in the game. this is very interesting and entertaining at the same time. However, battling is not the only aspect of the game that is very addictive. There are dark, dingy caves to explore, and also ghost ridden castles that hold other pets that you have to discover in order to fight them. This is more challenging that it seems and it takes some time to train for it.

The aim of the battle in BattlePets is for you to collect in-game items and objects that will get you past levels after a battle. For this you have to make sure that you train your pet to the fullest extent in order for it to win the battle. This is a lot of fun if you are a big fan of pets and also have enjoyed playing Pokemon, a game that holds the same premise of battling pets. Also, the battles consist of casting spells on other pets that adds a magical element to the game making it all the more interesting.

BattlePets is set in an island that is under the spell of the Evil Wizard, and battling other pets is a kind of a training session for when you are ready to take down the Evil Wizard. In order to fight the Evil Wizard, you will have to challenge him once you are ready, and then the ultimate battle will begin. The graphics of BattlePets are simple yet appealing enough for people of all ages. However, BattlePets is really aimed at children. The combination of magic and pets is what makes the game appealing to the players.