Batman: Vengeance

Download Batman: Vengeance

Batman: Vengeance is a game for all the Batman fanatics and is loosely based on the television cartoon series of the 1990’s. The game looks and feels much like the original cartoon. This is the reason perhaps that the gamers relate so well to the Batman of Batman: Vengeance. Like most of the other action games around, Batman: Vengeance too suffers from minor worries as poor camera angles. Despite this, the game has become one of the most recognized Batman games ever.

Batman: Vengeance is known for its superior voice acting which features personalities as David Warner, Mark Hamill and Roddy McDowall. The overall design of the game and Batman is quite simple. It boasts of fluid animation and the right essence. The characters have been well designed and the Batman itself looks much like the original from the cartoon. This is how the Batman: Vengeance maintains the dark and gothic feel. The game includes Batgirl as the gamer’s sidekick and together, you would be able to fight the bad guys and be a part of the complex story of Batman: Vengeance.

Vengeance retains the original controls of the game. The various hand-to-hand combats make it a treat for all. As the game progresses, Batman would be able to acquire new skills and moves to immobilize his enemies. It is a game where you would get to fight and solve puzzles. Apart from this, the gamers would also get to fly the Batplane and ride the Batmobile. All of this makes Batman: Vengeance a good game for all and is best suited for those, who are probably looking for a game to challenge their skills.