Download Bastion

Build up your own world where you can create characters, win battles and keep the monsters at bay! Bastion promises all of this and more, being an amazing action and role-playing game. You will also have a mysterious narrator who will be speaking out your progress in the game in the background. This keeps things interesting and competitive besides adding a novelty factor to the game. The world that you create will be extremely colorful and vibrant making the game very entertaining.

Calamity has struck and the world of Bastion has been destroyed save but one hope. The protagonist that you control named ‘The Kid’ is the only one who can save the day and restore the world of Bastion. You have to muster all your skills and strength to go out and look for mysterious objects and resources that will help you in your task of rebuilding the world. This involves a lot of exploring which can be extremely dangerous and adventurous at the same time.

Besides exploring the unknown, your task will also consists of slaying monsters that come your way, and collect objects that will help you in construction of the world. This makes the game very challenging and addictive. There are ten different weapons at your disposal that you can use in your task, and all of them can be upgraded as you progress in the game. You can use the special potions available to improve your skills and strength. The graphics are amazingly sharp and precise. They make the environment of the game very unique. The mysterious narrator in the background adds a nice touch to the game. The narration will change as and when changes occur in your progress. The narrator also gives you feedback on your actions with relation to the history of Bastion.