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Arcane Arena is a really interesting platformer game that will soon prove to be much more than this, because as the player gets through the game, he will be able to get access to more features that will make the game more pleasant than in the beginning. The platformer genre will be soon overwhelmed by the role playing game elements that are added into the game and the player will definitely enjoy to immerse himself into this world in order to find out all of the secrets that are covering the area of the gameplay.

There are some interesting places that will have to be visited by the player in order to find out everything that lies around and there are also enemies that will await for the wizard. Indeed, the character that the player will have to control throughout the game is a wizard and he will have to learn different magic spells on the way, in order to destroy even the most powerful enemies. The beginning of the game will only give him access to one spell and this will be enough for a while. However, as the time passes, he will need more.

Ultimately, the wizard will be able to use more than ten different spells in order to destroy the enemies that appear and he will also have to defend himself in order to avoid any problems that he might get into, because the enemies are also strong and the player will not enjoy getting killed by an enemy that was attacked with a spell that was not strong enough. It might require some trial and error in order to find out what spell is best for a certain enemy but in the end, all of the time will be rewarded as the wizard discover all of the mysteries.

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