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According to some, Alpha Protocol is an intriguing role playing game which is an amalgamation of extraordinary gameplay and half-baked game elements. Whatever be the case, Alpha Protocol manages to woo the gamers all round the globe. The game is known for its astounding intricacies and jigsaw puzzles. The game has a flexible plot in the sense that your decisions and choices would have direct impact upon the gameplay and the story itself. It is a thrilling game loaded with tons of action.

Why to go for Alpha Protocol? Well, Alpha Protocol has a unique gameplay. It is a game suited for all. Those who believe in routing the enemies with sheer firepower can very well go with all guns blazing. However, for those who believe in stealth can choose to hack into the enemies computers and know their little secrets, before launching the assault a different way. The game begins with a mid air bombing which signals the beginning of the game. As Michael Thorton, the gamer would get to be a part of a secret US Government agency – Alpha Protocol. Your first mission would be to visit Saudi Arabia and investigate the brains behind the commercial airline bombing.

Alpha Protocol is a well executed game. It does not have an extraordinary graphics as some of the notable games in the genre, but manages to impress all. The different characters working around you make things further interesting as each of them have different character traits. The gamer would get to play missions at varied locations including Taiwan and Russia. All this adds to the charm of the game.

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