Download VirtualBus

If you have been a fan of driving a huge and mighty bus, then this maybe your chance to do so virtually. You get to drive the bus around the given route of a city and your task is to pick up and drop off passengers. This may sound easy and even a little too simple, but it is not. There are some complex controls that you have to get around mastering and they will enable you to complete a lot of functions like steering the bus to changing gears and also opening the bus doors for the passengers.

If you are a bus enthusiast, then VirtualBus is a game that you will really enjoy. However, the game is low on modern and stunning graphics, and the driving is pretty straightforward, meaning that you will not have much opportunity to maneuver the bus out of tricky spots or make dangerous turns. For players who are addicted to high end games that are complicated and action packed, VirtualBus will seem like a bit of a bore. However, since the game is simple to understand, this is suitable for people of various age groups.

VirtualBus will not get your pulse racing, however, there are a number of maps that you will have to follow in order to get from one place to the next and that can get tricky. This game can be tagged off as an amateur attempt to making a game that could have been better had it been a little more graphic and exciting. Besides the detailed bus controls, the game has little to offer in terms of complexities. The physics involved in the game is also poor and not convincing.  All in all, VirtualBus is a game meant strictly for people who are a big fan of driving buses over intricate maps.