Download TrackMania 2: Canyon

TrackMania 2: Canyon is much like the original game, but makes inroads into the racing game market owing to the top notch racing tracks and online action. TrackMania 2: Canyon, like the rest of the series, is an arcade style racing game blended with creative track designs. The game is referred to as ‘Canyon’ owing to the single canyon-environment. It boasts of noticeably improved visuals and customization's. TrackMania 2: Canyon boasts of an online multiplayer option and an offline single player option which includes 65 tracks and is quite thrilling.

TrackMania 2: Canyon is a completely entertaining game, one which can be played and replayed time and again. It boasts of a good UI and good visuals. The mere fact that gamers get to customize the tracks further adds to the beauty of the game. TrackMania 2: Canyon has a good soundtrack and has a well designed gameplay. It is challenging and unpredictable in its own way. The game is known for its easy controls and can be played over the keyboard or via a gamepad.

However, this is not all about TrackMania 2: Canyon! Apart from acceleration, the brakes and the turns, it includes a drifting mechanism, one that allows the racer to take a tight turn at high speeds. Having said this, one must know that drifting is not easy and the gamer would have to know the layout of the track in order to proceed with such skills. The in-game features allow the gamer to create his/her own car or use any of the available ones.

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