Download Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is part of the expansive driving genre that is known for its content and the pleasure of open road racing. The game has made its name owing to the attractive online community and steady progression. Few of the added features of the game include single and multiplayer racing, tons of exploration, car collection and leading a luxury lifestyle. The game is set in the open world Ibiza island and has 3000 km of road, specially meant for racing.

As you complete races and move up the points ladder, the gamer would get to unlock the Hawaiian island called Oahu, where the previous game was set. The game has a structured competition where you get to race against your rivals on varied road conditions. In Test Drive Unlimited 2, the races are about speed and include time trial events as well. The game is not about the story or the character. The in-game controls are a little tough to master and the amateurs would feel the heat. The game is a perfect blend of an arcade racer and a simulator.

Apart from the championship competitions, you get to take part in various single-player challenges. Like the Need for Speed series, rash driving on the city streets would trigger in the police chase mode. In fact the speed camera events prove that Test Drive Unlimited 2 has much in common with the Need for Speed games. Overall, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a good racing game and in a must have for all the racing game fanatics.

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