Stunt GP

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Stunt GP is a special type of strategy game which comes equipped with superb tracks and design. The customization is brilliant and what makes it even more appealing is its availability on multiple platforms like PC, PS2 and DC. The elements are customized brilliantly making the visuals trendy at the same time enjoyable. Though the performance can be best experienced while playing the same on PS2, the fun doesn't get any lesser on other devices or on a PC. Stunt GP involves thrilling races, where you have to race your remote-controlled cars. It might sound easy but the story is something different once you start playing it for real, as the tracks are highly twisted and unpredictable.

Racing through the dangerous tracks seem nothing less than a roller coaster ride altogether. The obstacles, bumps and other hindrances on your way are flawlessly designed in the game by Developer Team 17 and they don’t give you any reason to complain. Another additional factor in this cool game is the chance of playing some tricks, which can actually help you overcome certain hindrances. The game is visually appealing and the controls are quite easy.

There will be moments when your car will experience some scary turbulence and sudden jerks, but that just adds to the fun and feel of reality. The car would allow you to perform stunts as flips, rotating on its axis, etc and you also get to earn some extra points for such tricks. Thus comes the name of the game! The more you earn, higher goes the chances for you to upgrade your car to be eligible for enrolling in the game’s Championship mode. The entire process would make you feel as if you are part of real racing and hence, would urge you to play harder. All this makes Stunt GP a good racing game worth laying hands upon.