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Repulze is a game based on futuristic tracks brought to you by Pixelbite. This game is all about speed in the future. In here you get to be a test pilot for the synthetic man. They run the corporations which in turn run the world. You being very low in the food chain are a lab rat. You have to take control of a futuristic repulze hovercraft for a test drive. This game is so fast that you won’t get time to blink and is very addictive.

This game has great features like super-fluid racing. The controls can be learnt quickly but is a bit tough to master. There are seven distinct hypersonic hovercrafts. There are lots of different challenges to face on twenty four separate tracks. The game is in three varied phases. It is filled with contents like ghosts, energy gates, magnets weapons and many more. There are optional in app purchases for players who want to unlock items faster.

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