Download Red bull Kart Fighter 3 for PC Windows

Red bull Kart fighter 3 is a great kart racer game from Red Bull. This game is all about great jumps and drifts to pull off the show and collecting coins in each race. This game has very imaginative courses. The best part about this is that it has enough content to have you hooked on it for hours and is very addictive. You get to pimp your ride and give it some wacky new skin.

There are five different karts for you to choose from like the Moon Buggy, the V8-Superkart and the snow groomer. There are seven different settings to play the game in like Royal Rumble, California Drifting, Games Expo, the Puddle of Peace and others. In total there are forty unique tracks. You can challenge your friends and share all the achievements of this game on Facebook. You can boost your Kart’s performance using anyone of the five wild cards.

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