Download Real Truck Parking 3D for PC Windows

Real Truck Parking 3D for PC Windows is a game that tests your ability to have good controls in very difficult situations. The objective of the game is to take your truck, pick up your trailer and park the trailer in a marked zone. The game might seem every easy, but as you progress, the game takes you to the thin alleys, driving through which are the real test of ability.

The game is made tougher by adding the third dimension. The game is viewed from an overhead angle which makes judging the corners and braking point more difficult. For controls, you will be provided the standard four wheeler controls with the exclusion of the clutch pedal. You are also provided with gear to shift it as per suitability and to make moving backward more realistic and more difficult. With different trucks and different levels to conquer, there are very few driving games that tests your driving instincts like this one.

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