Download Racing Moto for PC Windows

Racing games are one of the most preferred games by a vast majority of gamers. Even though Racing Moto for PC Windows is a relatively simple game, it is quite a lot challenging and definitely addictive. In the game you are given a basic bike on a highway and you have to survive and overtake as many vehicles as you can.

The game incorporates gravity sensors for the movement, giving it an edge as the movements feel like that you are actually driving a bike. Tapping the screen gives you a boost in speed and overtaking other vehicles at this speed earns you greater amount of points. Keep beating your previous score as you get experienced and with the coins you earn, you can buy a more powerful bike to get to even more higher scores and level. To increase the fun, the highway is designed around a desert, sea, forest and other landscapes and to increase the toughness, the other vehicles too change lanes.

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