Download Racer

If you have been looking for a free, 3D open source game online, then Racer is the game for you. Racer  gives you a very realistic and projected feel to controlling the car which is an exhilarating change from the usual high end games with non-existent physics. Since it is an open course game, there are a series of websites that you will have to visit in order to get more added cars and tracks to the basic module that you download. However, this is not as tiresome as it may seem and the game is pretty good and makes up for it.

In the ‘options’ setting of the game, you will be able to change the controls of the game and customize them as per your preferences. You will be able to choose the number of cars you wish to compete against, choose the track and the car you wish to drive. You can also choose the number of tracks you wish to have per race. It is almost like creating a game of your own! Although, these options are not originally available in the game, you will have to download them from the contents page. The controls are designed in a way that will give you the ultimate realistic experience to driving, and this also means that the controlling of the car is a little difficult.

The one problem that you may face is due to the gears. They are not marked properly and so when driving it is a little confusing to figure out which gear you are racing on. The graphics and the sense of speed in Racer are pretty great considering it is a free game. the physics of the game are very realistic and the sound effects add to the complete racing experience of the game.