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Be prepared for some Pure action! Race your quad bike over a bumpy road that holds tremendous challenges and bumps that you have to overcome and win the race. However, just speeding is not enough, you will have to do a  series of stunts, like acrobats to get through the challenges and those are going to count as well when the winner is determined. Pure is like no other biking game that you may have played, as the premise of the race is completely different. The sense of speed is tremendous, and the stunts that you have to perform are difficult and dangerous at the same time.

The controls of Pure can get a little confusing, and so it is advised to go through the tutorial carefully in order to get a hang of them. This training session will go a long way in helping you get through the game. the graphics along with the physics of the game are stunning and very realistic, giving you the ultimate gaming experience. The sound effects are extremely life like and dynamic. The jumps that you will have to make when racing are extremely high and are a lot of fun to make. Beware. Your opponents will have a few tricks up their sleeves and so you will have to tread carefully.

If you perform the jumps to precision, then there will be other tricks and skills to unlock and inculcate in your racing. Also, the controls are tough and it will take a while for you to master them. The only downside to the game is that if you take a wrong turn, or go down the wrong lane, then the game will intervene and put you back on track. This means that simply turning around is not an option. If you enjoy dangerous air bourn tricks, then Pure is the game that has to most of it to offer.