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Need for Speed World, a widely popular video game of more than 20 million registered users is published by EA blackbox, Singapore. It is a free to play game up to level 10 and a paid game when it comes to playing levels above 10. Also called NFSW, it is an online street racer in the same mode and style as that of the other games in the need for speed series. The game allows the user to interact with other players and form groups, but finally grouping comes of no major use.

The first part of the game is the exploration part where as a player you can go around the city and analyze the landscape. This part can be circumvented by making use of the games map plan to teleport to a new game location, leaving this mode almost without any purpose. The next two parts of the game are the Sprints and Circuits, which are both simple game plans. Sprints are from point A to B; whereas, Circuits form multiple laps. In both these parts, the players need to manage the common traffic present in the lane along with the other challenges from the fellow challengers. This is an interesting part. Win or loss, the players are awarded cash which they can utilize for various purpose, including customization of their vehicles and upgrading their skill levels.

This video game is a usual one for those who have been playing such games for years. There are many areas in this video game, which analysts point out as missed opportunities. There is very little interaction between players which is cited as a big drawback of this game. To upgrade oneself, there is too much demand on the player; and while analyzing the levels, we find that there is not much difference at all between these levels. We hope there will be many content additions to this game in the future releases.

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