Download Need For Speed Underground

If you are a huge fan of car racing game and the Need For Speed franchise, then Need For Speed Underground is what will keep you entertained for a long time! The premise of the game is the same as other games if Need For Speed, you have to race beautiful and racy cars along the Olympic City. There are a variety of tuner cars that you can take your pick from. Also, Need For Speed Underground has a number of new game play modes like the Drift mode, the Sprint mode and the Drag mode. The game comes equipped with a fun and realistic back story, and this gives the game a bit of an extra edge than just a fanatic racing experience.

If you have enjoyed car based movies like The Fast & The Furious, then you may find the design of the cars similar to those of the cars in the movie, as the game is highly inspired from those landscapes and the type of cars. There are some extremely entertaining tuning options available with this game, making the whole racing experience a unique one. This game may have a similar premise, but the modifications and the added features are what make the game such a big hit. Some of the added features include rims, spoilers, widebody kits, tints for windows, and decals.

There is also an option of upgrading the engine of your car to give you the ultimate racing experience.The graphics of the game regarding the landscapes and the races is stunning and very attractive. The only downside to the game is that there are no cops featuring in this version of the game. also, there are chances that the game may get stuck on old computers, leading to an interrupted game and may get annoying in the middle of a race.


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