Need for Speed Shift

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If you have been a big fan of the Need for Speed series and also off track racing, then Need for Speed Shift is the perfect combo of both worlds. This drastic shift in the route of the races may seem a little odd, but Need for Speed Shift lives up to its name. this is a demo version and so you will have a limited introduction to the game. there are two tracks and four cars in this race that you will be able to try your hand at. The circuit is a street circuit around Westminster in London, and the second is a traditional track circuit.

The racing and the plot of Need for Speed Shift may seem a little serious and the races a little authentic, but the game stays true to the Need for Speed franchise with the macho narration in the background, the stunning presentation, and tons of electrifying videos. The driving module in the Need for Speed Shift is a little more serious than the arcade driving, although there is a lot of fun and thrill involved which is the trademark of Need for Speed. If you enjoy aggressive driving and racing, then Need for Speed Shift will not disappoint.

Need for Speed Shift merely looks serious, it is just as fun as any other Need for Speed game. The graphics are legendary and the sound effects very macho and thrilling. The game is best played on high power PCs, and even if you set the graphics to the lowest setting available, it will still be a tough game to play on an older PC. however, if you have the right PC, this game can be a very fast paced, action filled entertainer. Strap on your seat belts because you are in for the drive of a lifetime!