Need For Speed ProStreet

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Gear up for fanatic races, fast paced action, hot chicks, blaring music and a race that will get your pulse racing! Need For Speed ProStreet has all of that to offer, and more! however, what is different about Need For Speed ProStreet is that the race is held in different tracks all around the world instead of the streets of cities. The cars are better and much more realistic as they are based on real models and the aesthetics are greatly detailed. There are a number of modes and options to choose from giving the game a lot of variety. The life-like graphics also add to the appeal of the game.

The cares have been chosen with a great deal of care and detail, and this means that the scratches and the dents that are caused in crashes will be that much more real. Also, if you manage to destroy a brand new model of a car, then you may be taken off of the race. Yes, things get that serious. Need For Speed ProStreet is a real treat for players who are seasoned racers and love the pulse racing and the heart thumping feel that the races bring to them. There are three difficulty levels in Need For Speed ProStreet, and this means that it is suitable for all age groups.

Since it is a track racing, this takes the arcade driving experience out of the equation. This can be a little heartbreaking for fans of the street races in the Need For Speed franchise. The tracks are great and pretty challenging, the game has some amazing graphics and very realistic sound effects like other games of the franchise. The only downside is that the races may seem boring for players used to street racing. All in all, it is an experience worth undertaking and enjoying.