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Need for Speed: High Stakes was originally released in 1991 as need for Speed: Road challenge in Europe and South America and as Over Drivin 4 in Japan. This amazing video game is developed by Electronic Arts Canada. This video game is known for its speedy cars and the models introduced in this game have been the talk of the gaming society for a long time. The first installment of the game has the provision to own a damage model car for the race and as the players earns money by winning the races, the same can be spend on repairing, upgrading, or remodeling the car.

As in its predecessor, ‘Hot pursuit’, this app also retains the same standard, both in races and police pursuits. This series introduces a new form of tournament called High stakes and also two pursuit models called the Getaway and Time Trap. It also introduces the career mode where the player has to complete a set of races for prices as trophies. This model allows the player to purchase new cars as well as to upgrade the existing vehicle model. The Hot pursuit model is retained in this series as it was in the previous version. It continues to have the classic, Getaway, and Time trap models in this version too.

There are many similarities between High Stakes and its predecessor, the Hot pursuit when analyzing the Pursuit AI and tactics, except that there are several improvements in the form of modern patrolling. The police vehicles are very diverse, from the helicopters to the various high five cars. Overall, there is very little to criticize this version of the game. As in many other games, the graphics are not always great, and some tracks are as usual boring. This series does not feel much like a sequel, but it has its own share of ingredients from its predecessor. Plenty of fun and thrill are however guaranteed in this video game, designed for all ages.

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