Download Nail’d

Want to race inside a roller coaster? Then play Nail’d and you will feel like you are doing exactly that! The game offers high speed arcade racing that completely defies the laws of gravity and has a number of stunning vertical drops that make for a thrilling and exciting racing game. if you are looking for a practical and realistic game then Nail’d is not for you. This game is simply pure fun and nothing else. Sure, it has stunning graphics and some really thrilling races, but it is miles away from any semblance to reality.

Playing Nail’d will make you feel like you have a death wish since braking in the game is completely out of the question and there are a series of cool stunts that you will have to do in order to race in Nail’d. the very first experience with the game is bound to be impressive and nail biting. The environment does look stunning and the awesome graphics makes the game look very dynamic. The cool sound effects created to go with it all makes Nail’d a complete gaming experience. There are two types of bikes that you will use to race in Nail’d- one is the motocross bike and the other is a quad bike. The sense of speed in Nail’d is incredibly good, even if the physics isn’t.

The stunts that you will have to make when playing Nail’d are truly spectacular and stunning. They will make your stomach queasy once you have been addicted to the game! the game also supports an online multiplayer option that allows to play 12 players at any given time. The bikes coupled with the graphics and the sound effects make the game a real hit with action seeking racers. The only downside to Nail’d is that the handling of the bike is not very firm.