MotoGP 08

Download MotoGP 08

Be prepared for the ultimate motorbike racing experience that will take you all around the world all through the 08 season! MotoGP 08 is the official game of the championship and this means that this is one game that fans of biking don’t want to miss. There is complete representation of all the teams, the players, with the logos and the bikes and tracks as well. There is a very detailed and helpful tutorial that will take you through the options that are available for you and help you pick the best fit for you in terms of driving style and motorbikes. There are also a number of modes that you can choose from, like Championship, Career, Quick Race and Online Mode.

The demo of MotoGP 08 seems a little limited as the complete game has a lot more features and options to offer. Supposedly they are relying on the fact that being the official championship game the players will be automatically drawn to it. However, with regards to the game play and the graphics, you will have your mind blown by the details and the intricacy of it all. You may decide to go for the full version just based on those aspects.

The graphics are so detailed that you will surely feel sucked into the game, and also the diverse camera modes will give you a complete biking experience. The control combination keys are a little strange, but once you get the hang of it then the game is pretty smooth to play. the several camera modes make for the highlight of the game. also, the stunning graphics will enthrall and entertain you. The only downside is that the demo version is a little short and limited. However, this may leave you wanting to play the game all the more!