Monster Truck Mayhem for PC Windows

Download Monster Truck Mayhem for PC Windows

Monster Truck Mayhem for PC Windows is all about showing how destructively you can use the trucks. But it is not only about causing the mayhem, you will also have to take part in championships where you would need to take on other drivers. This game is quite realistic, so beware before you cause any destruction or accidents. Each time you hit something, your car will also take some of the damage and you will be needed to spend your earnings to repair the car.

You can play the game in season mode, which features a complete and beautifully scripted career of a young driver with numerous challenges, and the event mode where you would have to take one event at a time, complete all the events of a tier and move on to the next one. With numerous upgrades, you can make your car more powerful as you head towards the business end of the game. If you just want to enjoy the riding, you can also take part in freestyle events.