Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive

Download Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive

Yes, you have guessed it right. Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive lives up to its title- it allows you to test drive your dream car virtually if you may not be able to afford a real one yet. You will be behing the wheels of the majestic Mercedes CLC Coupe. The game is free, but it has its limitations. There are only two gaming modes that are quite simple. One if them is to race against other five Mercedes cars that are operated by the computer all over the streets of London. The other mode offers you the chance to race against your best score in a single lap.

Both the modes are very enjoyable and this means that you will have the chance to experience London in all its grandeur, during the day and night time. There are some pretty impressive races lined up at night and the graphics make the game very entertaining and realistic in terms of atmosphere and scenery. In terms of car selection, there is only Mercedes available. However, there are other options like changes in the color of the car, or getting a set of new wheels. Also, there are three levels of difficulty that can be changed depending on your driving style.

Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive is a tailor made game for fans of the Mercedes cars. There are some characteristics of the game that do not make sense, such as the lack of a driver, and how the car remains unscratched even after a massive crash. This makes the driving experience a little less real and incomplete. All in all, the game is perfect for fans of the car, but for players who are looking for an all rounder experience, Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive may seem a little unrealistic to say the least.