Download LEGO Racers

The name LEGO Racers may sound a bit drab, but the game would leave you salivating for more. The game is not something spectacular but retains the LEGO charm. It is this that actually changes the otherwise mundane car racing into a sheer delight. The game is set in the amazing LEGO world and includes different racing tracks. Once you are inside the game, you would be able to build your own car. You would even get to test your car on the practice tracks.

The game includes Time Race, Versus Race, Single Race and Circuit Race. Versus Race is the multiplayer racing option where you get to battle it out with your friends. However, this is the split screen racing mode which we have come across in the early Need for Speed game. As you start winning races, you unblock more tracks and access blocks that would in turn help you better your car. The game has an overall good gameplay and racers would definitely like the feel of it.

LEGO games have always had easy controls and LEGO Racers is no different whatsoever. The gamers can either drive their cars using the arrow keys or use a console. As you proceed with the game, you would slowly acquire tricks which would ultimately help you in the race. The various power-ups and the use of Power Plus bricks add to the charm of the game and intensify the action on the tracks. The tracks are well designed and are booby trapped. Hence, if you are looking for a fun filled racing game, you can definitely go for LEGO Racers.

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