Download JelloCar

JelloCar is here to provide you with a completely strange and yet challenging gaming experience that is bound to be a little out of the box for regular racers. This is not entirely a racing game, as JelloCar is a combination of racing and platform gaming and rightfully so. You actually will be riding a car that is made of jelly across the platform in order to get it to the finish point. The graphics of the game may look like they have been inspired from the drawing of a five year old.

The game is very cute to look at, but a little challenging and difficult to control. The premise of the game is very simple, you have to reach the end of each level without losing to the obstacles that are out there to get you. The laws of physics will come to your aid in order to complete this game. what makes the game a little too difficult is that the car actually behaves like it is made of jelly and this means that it wobbles and is quite unstable to control. There are super boosters that you have like for example you can transform your car into a big-foot for a little while in order to get through the obstacles.

The graphics of the game are adorable to look at. Since the game is a platform game the graphics are not in 3D, and make for a low power game. even though the looks of the game are child-like, the game gets challenging and is very difficult to control the car once it is on the go. Do not be fooled by outward looks of the game. the game is very original and creative and if you are looking for a completely different experience then JelloCar is definitely the game for you.