Hydro Thunder Hurricane

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Hydro Thunder Hurricane introduces you to arcade racing in the sea with other boats! The main premise of the game is that you have to match your skills with those of other boats that you are competing with. The environment and the sea is constantly changing, and this is what makes the game a real challenge to play. Hydro Thunder Hurricane plays with Windows 8, and although there aren’t too many games out that are supported by Windows 8, Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a great game that gives you an insight as to what to expect when gaming on Windows 8.

The method of control for the Hydro Thunder Hurricane is by touch and motion. There are a series of virtual knobs and buttons that control various functions like acceleration, turning, turbo boosting and braking. You can choose between touch, keyboard or game pad mode of controlling these sensors. There is an Xbox LIVE Integration that will allow you to view the leaderboards. However, there is yet a multiplayer mode to be introduced to the game. Also there are only two tracks that you can play on, and only two boats to choose from.

The graphics and the sound effects of Hydro Thunder Hurricane are significantly good, and the game play is commendable. The graphics that depict the splashing of water and the turbo boosters are a sight to behold. There are also a number of boats that are managed by the police and they will be hot on your pursuit. The game play has a number of items that are locked and can be unlocked as the game proceeds. The environment of Hydro Thunder Hurricane is very nicely created and the challenging game play keeps things interesting. all in all, Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a game that is worth playing to experience its cool features.