Hot Racing 2

Download Hot Racing 2

If you are a hardcore car racing fan then Hot Racing 2 will leave you breathless and asking for much more. the game has it all- starting from the graphics to cool cars and the physics of the game are all a sight to behold. You can choose between a wide variety of 12 cars, and race then along 15 different and challenging tracks. There are about 50 tournaments inculcated in this game so there is no chance of you getting bored or the game getting repetitive. the various tracks that you get to race on are brilliant and you will soon get really addicted to Hot Racing 2.

The graphics of the game are stunning and the sound effects and the background score completely compliment the game. there is an option that allows you to choose whether you wish to play against friends or the computer controlled cars. However, the game doesn’t support playing through LAN or via the internet. You will be driving some of the coolest cars out there in all shapes and sizes that will blow your mind away. On the tract there are varied challenges lying in wait for you, and also a number of bonuses that you can pick up on the way that you can use to boost your performance as a racer.

There are a number of varied difficulty levels that will sit well with beginners as well as seasoned players alike. The graphics are almost 3D photo-realistic and make the atmosphere seem very life like. There aren’t too many downsides to the game, only that there is no real weather setting. Also, the options available to better your car are limited. The handling of the car and the series of competitions that you can participate and compete with other racers in are very realistic and entertaining all the same.