French Street Racing

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If you have always wanted to race through the sweeping roads of cities like Paris and London, but couldn’t, then French Street Racing will help you realize that dream! French Street Racing features the top most cities of France and this why the game seems to be very popular with racers who enjoy street racing with a picturesque background. Whats more? you get to race in a sparkling new sports car and also compete with other drivers all over the world.

If you are looking for a more creative and original game play and premise, then look elsewhere as French Street Racing is merely an average racing game. the graphics are sadly not that great when the car picks up speed, and also tend to get blurry and confusing which kills the whole point of racing in the cities of France. However, if being able to modify your car and add new features to it means more to you than graphics quality, then French Street Racing wont disappoint you as there are loads of modifications available that you can make to your car and pump it up. The physics of the game is also average and not realistic at all. The sound effects are nothing significant either.

The background can tend to be a little dull, and doesn’t do anything to compliment the most beautiful cities of the world. However, there is an online support for multiplayer options and this can add a little thrill to the game as you compete with other players from all over the world. There are lots of gaming modes that you can choose from and play. French Street Racing is a pure racing game, however it lacks the finesse of a modern racing game. also, the menus of the game are a little difficult to use and get used to.