Download Freeway Fury 2

Racing games usually take up a lot of space, especially currently when a lot of evolved games have appeared on the market. However, the virtual drivers that enjoy such games might want, at least once in a while, to play a fast challenge that does not require too many resources and it takes just a little bit to get through. Coffee breaks are ideal for games like this presented here and the people that want such a game will definitely find in Freeway Fury 2 the perfect racing installment that features some fun elements to play along with.

The graphics of the game are pretty good, especially taking into consideration the fact that the game is a Flash developed one and not too many developers choose to go in depth regarding the visual aspect. However, the players that get behind the steering wheel in Freeway Fury 2 will enjoy a fast paced racing game that is also detailed when it comes to the graphics and also the overall visual effects of the game. The races will have to be taken on the freeway, as it might be already hinted from the title, ant this is the place for the highest possible speeds.

Here, the tracks is straight and the most will matter if the player is able to slalom between the civilian vehicles that find themselves on the freeway. Other than that, a fast car is required and if the player notices that he is not able to keep up with his opponents after a few races, he will know that it has come the time for an upgrade. There are several types of upgrades and each of them features various stages, however all of them allow the player to experience a good gameplay as long as he is able to create the best vehicle.

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