Extreme Motorbikers

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Be prepared for the ultimate bike racing challenge of them all! Race on roads that are literally suspended in the sky, and make Extreme Motorbikers very tricky and challenging to play. The race is very deadly and risky, as you can easily fall into the unknown abyss if you lose control. There are a number of challenges and dangerous obstacles on the track; you will have to beware barrels that could either explode or push you over the edge. The other racers in Extreme Motorbikers aren’t easily deterred and so you will have quite a task getting to win the race against them.

The game play of Extreme Motorbikers is similar to that of Formula 1. There are various stages that you will have to cross in order to complete the game. at the beginning of the game you will have the first stage accessible to you, which is called the Summer Cup. The other two stages that represent Fall and Winter will be unlocked as you proceed with the game. the major attraction of the game aren’t the bikes, as they are very basic. Of course as you progress along the levels, you will get better equipped and more powerful bikes, but the main focus is on the terrifying yet exhilarating tracks.

The controls of Extreme Motorbikers are easy to grasp, but it will take a while for you to get used to them. There are a number of short cuts that are a part of the game, and you will have to resort to them if you wish to win the game. all the rules of fair racing are off! You have to play dirty to win the game as your opponents will do exactly that. The graphics of Extreme Motorbikers are a sight to behold and the scenery of the tracks is amazing.