European Bus Simulator

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With European Bus Simulator 2012 you get to do a lot of fun things with a cool new bus of your choice. You will begin the game with going to the depot and choosing a bus for yourself and then check out the controls of the bus. You have to ride this bus around the town of Freyfrut. There are also a number of tasks that you have to perform when riding the bus, like for example you have to sell tickets to passengers, observe rest periods, follow the rules and laws set by the authorities. Punctuality is another important aspect of the game.

At the beginning after you have checked the controls on the bus, you will be provided with a detailed tutorials that will help you get the grips of the game. you will learn about the controls in depth and also the shortcuts. There are about 450 shops all over the city of Freyfrut, with six town areas and you will also have to perform school runs. You can also create routes of your own choice through the editor that is integrated into the game.

the game is not really as simple as just driving the bus. Since it is a big and mighty bus, keeping a track of the traffic is challenging. Also, you have to be on time to your destination. The game has great stamina for detail and has route editor that helps you create your own imaginative routes. The graphics of the game are stunning and make the game very entertaining to play. the game play is simple yet imaginative and that is what will keep you hooked on to the game. the only drawback is that the sound effects are poor, and the game is not very atmospheric. All in all, this game is apt for all age groups.