Euro Truck Simulator

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Euro Truck Simulator stays true to its name meaning that you will be playing the character of the driver who has to deliver a lot of items and goods all over Europe. There will be a number of missions that you will have to complete when you play the role of the driver of a powerful truck. The various activities that make up Euro Truck Simulator comprise of transporting the cargo from one location to the other and collecting payment for the delivery. The money that you earn with the delivery will enable you to purchase faster and better trucks that will help you work and earn faster.

The idea of using a powerful truck in the game is highly creative and original. When most games stick to fast and powerful cars, bikes and even planes, Euro Truck Simulator revolves around driving a truck which is unusual for a racing game. the graphics of the game are great along with the realistic sound effects of the driving truck. Both these factors compliment the game greatly. The tasks are not very varied, but the routes that you will take will be different making the game entertaining. Also, managing the truck on the road is pretty challenging.

However, after a while you may feel like the tasks are a little repetitive ans may also seem pretty easy for a seasoned player. The classic roar of the engine of the truck starts off by sounding fun, but after a while may seem boring and grating to the ears. The game seems to need a bit of excitement like facing challenges on the road in the form of accidents or cops, but this is lacking. The idea of the game along with the graphics are exceptional, although the game play can get easily boring for seasoned players.