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DuckLife 4 is a brand new installment in the DuckLife series, a series of games that are really interesting. These games are built as platformers and they really enjoyable - this being the fourth game in the series it brings in a lot of new elements that are really interesting for the players that enjoy such games. The Flash game that is presented here is a casual one but it does not mean that the player cannot have fun - actually, some might find it much more pleasant than the classic games that usually have a shooting requirement.

In this game, things are much more calm and the game can be played at whatever the pace of the player would be, there is no hurry because there is no need to be in a hurry, so everything can be approached with care in order to enjoy every element of the game. The graphics are not the best element, but this can be attributed to the fact that Flash games do not usually have too detailed graphics. Moreover, it seems like the developers of the game tried to work better on the actual gameplay that is really interesting.

The player will have to choose an egg in the beginning and from the chosen egg, a duck will be born. The duck will then have to grow and this process will require the help of the player, who should guide the duck to eat and do other activities. A an adult, there will be a lot of different things that must be done in order for the duck to be successful in this world. It might be weird but it seems like the ducks have their own world in which they will also race in order to see who is the best one of all.

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