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Drift Runners 3D is a game designed for the gamers that love to drive their vehicles sideways in controlled drifts, in order to score points and make a spectacular run on the track. Although this might be dangerous in real life because there are very few professional tracks on which drifting is possible, everyone can make it safely in a game such as Drift Runners 3D. Although it is designed in Flash, the game features three dimensional support and the vehicles featured are quite nice, even if they are made up with a low amount of polygons, but considering the fact that the game is not 2D like many others, this is a great addition.

The action of the game takes place on an island and there are twelve different race tracks in which the player can compete in order to unlock more and set high scores for each of them. The difficulty of the tracks increases but also the scoring possibility increase because of the turns that are featured up on the mountain. Each track has its own preset scores and a player can go on the leader board if he manages to achieve a score that is high enough.

Also, there are four vehicles that can be driven in order to compete on the tracks but only the first one is available in the beginning, the rest of them being available for purchase and so on. There are also upgrades that can be added on the vehicle in order to make it accelerate fast or have a better handling that will help in the curves. The color of the car can be changed according to one's wishes and everything is great in the shop and not only. There are also opponents on the track and they might make the things a little bit more difficult.

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