Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars

Download Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars

Dirt track racing is a straightforward driving game that uses Ratbag’s Powerslide 3D engine. It did a good job of accurately simulating the dynamic of driving around in circles for a number of laps. Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars completely reinvigorates the original game by adding four new car types, 20 racetracks, updated graphics and gameplay mechanics. The most obvious of these new enhancements is the addition of the incredibly odd-looking sprint cars. You can choose from 16 present cars, licensed drivers and there is also an option of creating and customizing your own car.

The game boasts of ten different race events, each of which comprises of two to five individual races. You can enter all but two of the ten events, directly, but since the competition is tougher in the later events, you should try and play them in the correct order. Depending on the performance in these events you’ll receive sponsorship from many companies. You can either choose or reject them, but choosing will give you more money. This ability to upgrade your car’s performance is another Sprint Cars’ noted positive.

The added variety of Dirt track racing tracks, especially the figure-eight ones, is a welcome addition to Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars. The game comes loaded with easy to follow instructions on how to create your own replay movies. The ability to look left and right from within the cockpit is one such feature which keeps the visuals fresh. Cars will also kick up dirt and leave deep skid marks in the dirt as they slide through each corner. These minor details enhance the realism of Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars.