Dirchie Kart

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If you have greatly enjoyed kart games where rules are a formality and where you can do as you please to have loads of fun, then Dirchie Kart is a delightful game for you to play! Dirchie Kart is great fun to play by people of all ages, as it keeps with the age old formula of kart games that are very entertaining. Dirchie Kart has been inspired by games like Mario Kart XP, and Mario Kart 360. The game offers you the chance to play with eight different cars and characters that you can choose from depending on your preferences.

These different cars not only look different, they also have their own unique qualities that make them stand out from each other and make for a very entertaining ride. Although the tracks maybe the same, but being able to play with 8 different cars increases the replay value of the game. you also have a choice of three weapons that you have to make before the game starts and they will help you compete against your opponents. There are three different and unique types of races in Dirchie Kart, they are Economy, Grand Prix and the Retro Remix. All of them have their own unique quirks and challenges, for example if you choose the Grand Prix option, then you get to play a Formula 1 style of racing.

However, the downside of Dirchie Kart is that it has some very basic graphics that fail to impress the regular and seasoned players. The novelty factor of having to choose from three different circuits and eight unique cars is the real value of the game. the sound effects are good, not very stunning. Dirchie Kart is a game that is fun and addictive at the same time, although the repetitive graphics and the soundtrack are not impressive.