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Death Rally may seem like the game that is on its way to the purgatory, and it will be a task to convince yourself as to why you would want to play an aging and dated game when you could invest your time and efforts playing more modern games that are more tempting; however, if you do choose to play Death Rally, you will not be disappointed. The game is really entertaining and a lot of fun to play. although the graphics may seem dated, and in the start you may not be able to relate to it, but eventually you will begin to see its worth.

Death Rally seems like the apt name and seems self explanatory. In the start of the game you will have some money and you can start with buying a car of your choice, modify it depending on the money you have and what you can afford, and then set out to destroy your competitors with the help of machine guns! Since it is a rally, there are spectators to the game and now and again they will get caught up in the bloody action creating quite a mess on the tracks. Death Rally is a pretty gory game.

The competitors can either be deterred or completely destroyed. There are a series of power-ups that you will find along the track as you race and you better catch it all. The game is really good, and also pretty challenging as you will soon find out that the game is not easy to win and is pretty challenging. You can rise up the leaderboards as and when you upgrade to a better car. However, the graphics are a little choppy and the sound effects garish. However, the steady and interesting game play makes up for all the shortcomings.

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