Bang Bang Racing

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Get prepared for some fun 3D racing that will entertain and thrill you. Bang Bang Racing is a fun and simple game that has lots of features like some sleek cars to choose from, a multiplayer mode, and cartoon like graphics. Bang Bang Racing has some cool overhead racing that has been popular since a while now, and proves to be the perfect combo of action and competition. The camera is located above the track and this provides an aerial view of the tracks. There are a series of curves and turns in the track making the game challenging, and the overall racing experience of the game is exciting.

The tracks are not too long, and this makes the game have a series of short yet action packed races that are highly challenging. You can accelerate, nitro or brake all around the tracks when racing. If you choose to play the single player option, the game may seem a little short, but the difficulty settings can be adjusted to make the game more challenging and intense. There is a local multiplayer option and this means that you can easily enjoy Bang Bang Racing with your pack of friends. However, it is a little disappointing that in today’s world of online multiplayer racing, Bang Bang Racing doesn’t provide that option.

There are a series of obstacles on the tracks that may seem a little unwelcome as they seem to have an unnatural amount of importance. However, this is just a minor nuisance in the game. the controls are simple and the graphics pleasing to look at. The sound effects are good and pertaining to the looks of the game. the physics of the game is not bad, and the sense of speed is pretty thrilling as well. However, the game does seem a little too short to play.