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AutoClub Revolution may still be in Beta, but it is still an impressive online game that is bound to make you feel the thrill and the chills of online racing. The game has some realistic consoles when compared to other games of the same caliber. This definitely gives AutoClub Revolution an extra edge over the other games. The browser interface that is a part of the game is very attractive and smooth to play. there are a series of amazing tutorials and training sessions that will get you used to the controls and then you can start with racing an Opel Astra.

There are a number of tasks that you will have to complete and after that you will earn experience points with which you will be able to buy newer and better cars. Racing online with AutoClub Revolution has a thrill and feel of its own. There are a series of ethics in the game and no one bullies drivers off the tracks. It is a fun game that you can play with gamepads, steering wheels or even the keyboard. The graphics of AutoClub Revolution are sleek and very attractive to look at, and the sound effects are a compliment to the game.

However, the lack of a cockpit view may prove to be a hindrance. In terms of damage to the cars, there is not much to speak of, however this doesn’t affect the game play and so it is excusable. AutoClub Revolution provides a very realistic and amazing feel when playing, and so it has carved a niche for itself in the world of online gaming. The game is equally suitable for beginners and seasoned players, and this is the distinguishing feature of the game. there are a number of features that you can add when you want to modify your cars making the game highly impressive.

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