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American Racing is a racing game designed to recreate the atmosphere that is present in real life, on the race tracks of the United States. The game is a re-enactment of the original Daytona USA race game and if someone managed to play the first game in the series, he will surely enjoy this one, too. The game features some different tracks that are also encountered in real life and those that know these tracks will enjoy the game even more, because it is really nice to know what is going in even before the race is started.

The game is quite interesting when it comes to the actual race, because there are a lot of opponents involved and accidents can occur. However, it should not be extremely difficult to win a race if the player managed to set up his car correctly and also drives good on the track, the opponents should be behind him long before he even realizes. And after the finish line is crossed, there will be displayed information about the money won, the track unlocked and the other upgrades that are available for purchase from the upgrade shop.

The most interesting thing about this game is that it features sponsors, too. In the beginning there will be none of them but after a race or two, they will appear, but only if the player manages to win the race and prove that he deserves a sponsor. They will bring more prize money at the end of the race so they are a must have for any driver in American Racing. All of the races in the game are really nice to get through and they are really enjoyable, but the maximum enjoyment will appear later in the game, as the driver progresses and he has access to better vehicles and upgrades.

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