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Puzzles have always been an area of interest for gamers and Zuma is just the thing for them. Zuma was originally designed by Jason Kapalka and developed by PopCap Games. But its immense popularity led on to its eventual evolution into Zuma Deluxe. Zuma Deluxe is an adventure game which incorporates the characteristics of a puzzle. It was targeted at Windows, Mac, XBox and PlayStation users on the whole. It achieved new heights of success and fans everywhere followed it with utter craze.

Zuma Deluxe is a singleplayer game which can be played both online and offline. It was developed as a tribute to the Aztec civilisation in Mexico. The game delights its fans with the brilliant gameplay and the amazing strategies that players must come up with in order to complete it.

The ultimate goal of the game is simple: one has to make all the balls burst before they manage to reach the yellow mask. But ultimately it all boils down to the strategy one uses while playing since it gets much more complicated. The following features of the game make it all the more interesting:

● division of the game into several stages; the difficulty level rises with each stage,
● a yellow bar is considered the yardstick of completion of a particular level,
● bonus points awarded to players on collection of coins, completing a level in short time and few other gameplay tricks,
● two modes of the game: adventure and gauntlet; both offer various forms of gameplay.

These and many other amazing features have resulted in the game achieving the “Game of the Year” title in 2004, awarded by RealArcade. The game tests real time gameplay skills and puts forward tough challenges for its fans to cope up with, especially in the ‘Space’ level. This game is highly recommended for anyone who likes to win it the hard way!

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