Download Vampire Physics

There are many physics games on the market and they actually provide a good genre to get through while playing in order to discover all of the levels that were created by the developers of each game. There are some paid games, while others are free to play and the one presented here is a really nice one to get through. The player will be able to experience a good Flash game that is not hard to get through, because there are tutorials and more helpful items throughout the game's levels that are to be unlocked.

The game features more than thirty different levels in which the player can test his skills but in order to get to each of the levels, he will have to start with the first one and only if he manages to win the first level he can progress to the next one and so on. The scheme is simple but the levels might be more difficult to get through. However, for a good player there should not be too many problems, especially if he wants to achieve a good game that will be filled with only the highest possible scores.

Vampire Physics is a game in which the player will have to use the laws of physics in his own advantage in order to take down the vampires that wander throughout the levels. He needs to become the hero of the world as he destroys all of the vampires in each level but in order to receive the maximum amount of points he will also have to take care of the number of hits that he uses in order to reach all of the vampires. The lesser the number of hits, the bigger the score for each level - this should definitely be kept in mind.

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