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UpBot is a nice game character that might not be to obvious about his appearance in the beginning, but as he progresses through the story he will be much more interesting, even if his appearance might not mean too much for the player. UpBot is just a small robot that has to move through square arenas and find the perfect finishing position in order to advance to the next level. However, this might not be the case, but the player will have to find this out on his own in order to be convinced about the robot's fate.

UpBot will have to be controlled by the player in a multitude of levels in order to achieve a good score on each of them. This will allow UpBot to progress and he will also be able to grab some nice bonuses if he also grabs them through the levels. This should not be too hard, either, but the player needs to be focused at all times in order to see everything that happens in the arena and he will also have to keep some moves in the drawer in order to use them later as he progresses through the level.

Sometimes, especially in the upper levels, UpBot will also have some rivals that he will have to defeat in each level in order to progress and this will be pretty easy if the player has already learned how to properly control the little robot throughout the arena. Other times, the player will have to control some other friends of UpBot and each of them will have to be positioned in a certain space in order to give him the required access to the next level. Overall, this should not be too hard, and it will probably be pretty interesting to get through.

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