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Unmechanical by Developers Teoti Studios and Talawa Games is a puzzle game involving a lot of exciting, tricky and mind boggling elements. It is basically a 2.5 D puzzler, integrated with some really cool and intriguing design. The atmosphere of the game is quite attractive and the whole adventurous concept is certainly an interesting factor. The settings are quite unique and the tasks are highly varied. Hence, one can never get bored or tired of playing this amazing game. It isn't time consuming at all and it also possesses a brilliant art direction which is certainly captivating and makes one delve more into the depths of the game.

Unmechanical is known for its gameplay. The graphics are good and the game seems well crafted. The difficulty level isn't too low or too high, thus, any gamer regardless of experience and age can give this game a try! The soundtrack associated with the game is very catchy and it suits it well. It is a solid game with fun hours of exploring, logically analyzing and dealing with brainstorming, tricky puzzles. It is crafted with lot of creative elements and that is what makes it quite different from the usual, predictable puzzle games of today’s era.

Unmechanical is a thoroughly entertaining game. The intellectual, intuitive side of the brain does play a vital role in solving the tricks and also boosts one’s overall innovative thinking. The functions are really good along with easy and simplified controls. The visuals are undoubtedly stunning and altogether, it can be termed as a great investment for hours of entertainment. The real engine, robotic characters, and other such factors make Unmechanical a real success and it certainly deserves a try by gamers of all kinds.

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