Download Tupsu

Tupsu is a physics oriented game that uses the Pokki platform. This game is a puzzle game that integrates the laws of physics in its game play. this game is fun, but at the same time will keep you on your toes and thinking hard towards solving the puzzles. So do not be fooled by its nice and cute appearance. The graphics are strange yet comical and are bound to get you entertained and addicted at the same time. There is a cute little monster that is the main character of the game and he will be under your control. His aim is to reach the stars and you have to help him get there.

To do so, you must connect his eyes to the nearest object that will help him reach the object and get him closer to the stars. He wants these stars to be a part of his collection, he is not a star-eating monster. You have to help him swing from one object to the other until he reaches the stars. However, you have to make sure that you do not miss the next object he has to reach and that is where the laws of physics will come into play. the game doesn’t have much in the name of challenges and this makes it a fun yet short game to play.

The strange graphics will surely catch your eye and the background music is pretty entertaining. The levels will get more difficult as the game moves forward, and leaping from one object to the next will get more challenging. Some of the levels may seem a little repetitive, putting off seasoned players. But if you get through them you will see that the game gets better. The game is easy to learn and play, but the win the entire game is a bit of a task.