The Powder Toy

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The Powder Toy is a sandbox game that will keep you hooked on to it for a long time! This game may not win points for being unique, but it surely earns a lot of points when it comes to entertainment. The game play may be similar to a number of games that you may have played in the past, but this will only prove to be an advantage as learning the ropes of the game will get that much easier. The premise of the game is simple; you will have a number of scientific elements available and you have to combine them to see what result they will yield.

The first thing that the premise will bring to your mind is the thought of creating numerous explosions! Yes, you will surely have loads of opportunities to blast things and there are a lot of other features that you will be able to play such as creating electronic circuits, and also build organic substances that glow! When playing The Powder Toy you can let your imagination run as wild as possible. You can create as many substances and many such things; you can create it as long as you can imagine it.

The only downside to the game is that there is no start up tutorial available. This means that you will have to find your own way around to get a grip over the game. the game may be hard to start with, but once you get through the initial difficulty, then this game will be hard to stop playing. The graphics are great and the sound effects pretty cool too. There is barely any aspect of the game that disappoints besides the lack of tutorial. All in all, The Powder Toy is one game that you must not miss out on!