The Cave

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The Cave is a unique and baffling game that is actually a puzzle game, but borders on being a platform and horror game too. You have to explore the depths of each cave that you encounter and this experience will tell you more about the other characters in the game. The Cave is no doubt a very mysterious and strange game. Although it is strange, the game also has a tinge of humor to it. At the entrance of the cave, you are greeted by a narrator, who will be there with you through out the game. although there are a number of different characters to choose from, at a given point in time you can use only 3 characters at a time.

You will be required to manage your time between three different characters to be able to solve the various puzzles that come your way. The process of switching between characters is an effortless maneuver. Once you enter the cave you will find that the walls of the cave has glyphs on them, and they will lead you to the background story of each of the characters. The art of the glyphs is no doubt stunning, but the stories are not complete until the end of the game and this means that you will have to finish the game to know the entire story behind each player.

The graphics and the puzzles make the game a very entertaining play. however, there is a lag between the controls of the game and the time that the controls are carried out. This means that you will have to press the controls a little earlier than when you want the command carried out. All in all, what the game lacks in controls, it makes up for in the background sounds, graphics and the game play.