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Teeworlds is a highly creative and original game that has cute and amazing graphics that are bound to make for a pleasing game. there is a huge variety in the number of characters in Teeworlds, and this means that you get to choose from 17 different characters. This can be done wither by playing through the internet or LAN. Teeworlds is very innovative as it allows the players to adapt to features where you are allowed to kick your opponents, and also fight them. The welcome screen of Teeworlds is extremely adorable and also makes the game a success as it allows for customizations like setting your name and choose desired settings.

Teeworlds may seem like a simple and cute game, but it is not. There are a number of challenges as you play the game and that keeps the game very interesting. also the fact that the game is played in real time adds to the charm of the game. Teeworlds has a lot of action in it despite having cute and adorable graphics in the game. there are a number of modes included in Teeworlds making the game very entertaining to play. the game is completely free to play and is also suitable for players of all ages. The game has multiplayer mode that allows you to play with friends online.

The downside to Teeworlds is that some of the modes are under development and that the game has a difficult server set up. However, the demo mode can be recorded and also supports playback that makes the game a success. The server browsers have been improved and this is evident as there is better filtering available making the game easier to play. the controls of Teeworlds are pretty easy to master and this makes the game very enjoyable and entertaining to play.



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